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DOI: https://doi.org/10.56457/jimk.v10i1

Published: Jun 3, 2022

The Effect of Taxpayer Knowledge, Taxpayer Awareness, and Tax Sanctions on Corporate Taxpayer Compliance at KPP Pratama South Bekasi

Page: 1-10 Authors: Lisdawati Arifin, Pandu Perdana Saputra, Rianto Rianto
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Read Statistic: 303

Android-Based Business Bookkeeping Training to Improve Financial Management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Cilibende, Babakan Village, Bogor

Page: 11-15 Authors: Ratih Pratiwi, Asty Khairi Inayah Syahwani, Resti Jayeng Ramadhanti, Novi Rosyanti
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Read Statistic: 358

The Effect of The Fluctuations of Coal Price, BI Rate and Oil Price Upon The Total Debt of PT. Adaro Energy

Page: 16-20 Authors: Arif Surahman, Mahnun Mas'adi, Widhi Wicaksono
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Read Statistic: 183

Analysis of the Effect of Fraud Pentagon Model in Predicting the Occurrence of Fraudulent Financial Statements

(Empirical Study on Manufacturing Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange 2016-2018 Period)

Page: 21-24 Authors: Farrah Geubrina Rezeki
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Read Statistic: 299

Productivity of PT. Adira Dinamika Multifinance is Proven to be Influenced by The Work Environment and Motivation

Page: 25-32 Authors: Dadan Drajat Martamihardja, Uce Karna Suganda
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Read Statistic: 116

Moderation of Opportunistic Behavior between Budget Participation Preparation and Managerial Performance in the Telkom Pension Fund

Page: 33-41 Authors: Retno Paryati
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Read Statistic: 192

Effect Of Organizational Culture And Job Stress On Employee Performance at PT.PLN (Persero) Majalaya Area

Page: 42-49 Authors: Rizki Piscal Aliansyah, Mariana Rachmawati
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Read Statistic: 148

Non-Physical Work Environment And Leadership on Employee Performance of PT. Suka Silih Asih Tours & Travel

Page: 50-58 Authors: La Ode Habibi Ade Jama, Nurul Hermina
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Read Statistic: 164

The Influence of Work Motivation and Education Level on Employee Performance at Online Ojek Drivers PT.Application Karya Anak Bangsa/PT.GO-JEK Bandung

Page: 59-66 Authors: Syukran H Abdul, Dede Hertina
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Read Statistic: 131

Juridic Aspects of Contract Renegotiation During the Covid-19 Pandemic as an Effort to Mitigate Risk and Loss in Business Activities

Page: 67-76 Authors: Galuh Kartiko, Andi Kusuma Indrawan, Dyah Metha Nurfitriasih
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Read Statistic: 115

Implementation of Fingerscan Absence and Additional Employee Income (TPP) on Wort Behavior and Performance of Employees in Wara Utara District Office

Page: 77-85 Authors: Andhika Andhika, Muh. Yusuf Q, Suhardi M. Anwar
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Read Statistic: 118

Effect of Work Discipline on Employee Performance Mediated Job Satisfaction at RSIA Melinda

Page: 86-94 Authors: Ari Aprian Ferdiansyah, Nurul Hermina
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Read Statistic: 143

Analysis of Using Social Media to Increase Income of Micro and Small Business In South Tangerang

Page: 95-99 Authors: Sri Retnaning Sampurnaningsih, Jeni Andriani, Retno Wulansari
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Read Statistic: 221

Analysis of the Effect of Social Media Marketing on MSME Performance at Citra Cosmetic Makassar

Page: 100-105 Authors: Monica Sari Kumala, Rosdiana Sijabat
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Read Statistic: 231

The Effect of Performance Allowance and Work Discipline on Employee Performance at the Lembang Agricultural Training Center (BBPP)

Page: 106-112 Authors: Gempur Putra Pratama, Nurul Hermina
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Read Statistic: 207

Effect of Work Life Balance and Organizational Commitment on Turnover Intention of Employees of PT. Santosa Adi Perkasa

Page: 113-121 Authors: Hasan Sahroni, Uce Karna Suganda
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Read Statistic: 224

The Influence of Autocratic Leadership Style And Work Conflict, On Employee Performance At CV. Tiga Putri Sukabumi

Page: 121-131 Authors: Wiwin Apriyanti , Dede Hertina
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Read Statistic: 587

Impression Management and Work Motivation in Improving Employee Performance PT. Enseval Putera Megatrading, Tbk Bandung

Page: 132-139 Authors: Irfan Imamul Haqiqi, Dede Hertina
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Read Statistic: 224

The Relationship Between The Work Environment and Work Motivation at PT. X (An Outsourcing Company) In Bandung, Indonesia

Page: 140-148 Authors: Ajeng Irma Setiawan, Ayuningtyas Yuli Hapsari
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Read Statistic: 116

Return and Risk Analysis on Cryptocurrency Assets

Page: 149-160 Authors: Sakina Ichsani, Nugroho Satya Mahendra
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Read Statistic: 439

The Internal Control Effort in Improving Company Performance

Page: 161-167 Authors: Hisar Pangaribuan, Jenny Sihombing, Denok Sunarsi, Daniel T.H. Manurung
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Read Statistic: 214

The Valuation of Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Page: 168-179 Authors: Gloria Chrisanskia Sibarani, Radityo Fajar Arianto
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Read Statistic: 136