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Published: Nov 15, 2020

Teacher Performance: The role of Professional Competence and Satisfaction

Page: 41-49 Authors: Bob Foster
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Read Statistic: 36

Quality of Regional Financial Statements: The Influence of Information Systems on Financial Management and Fixed Assets Management

Studies at Two Local Government Agencies in West Bandung Regency

Page: 50-55 Authors: Dhea Perdana Coenraad, Rahmahwati Rahmahwati
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Read Statistic: 22

Budget Governance Factors: A Survey of Lecturers at Private Universities in the South Sumatra Region

Page: 56-62 Authors: Muhammad Helmi
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Read Statistic: 5

Employee Performance: Effect of Competency and Quality of Work-life

Page: 63-69 Authors: Poppy Arnold Kadir, M. Liga Suryadana
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Read Statistic: 10

Exploring Trait Emotional Intelligent: Survey on Students during Covid-19

Page: 70-77 Authors: Muhamad Deni Johansyah, Iwan Sidharta
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Read Statistic: 11

Fuzzy Logic as A Private College Marketing Strategy in Efforts to Increase The Amount of Receipt of New Students

Page: 78-86 Authors: Fidziah Fidziah, Suhroji Adha
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Read Statistic: 19

The Role of School Principals in Improving Teacher Competence at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Palopo

(Islamic Education Management Perspective)

Page: 87-102 Authors: Mahadin Saleh, Hasbi Hasbi, Radhiah Radhiah
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Read Statistic: 35

The Influence of Leadership and Work Motivation on Employee Performance at PT. Adira Finance Palopo

Page: 103-113 Authors: Salju Salju, M. Risal, Kamaruddin Kamaruddin
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Read Statistic: 33

The Influence of Leadership Style, Work Environment and Organizational Commitment on State Civil Apparatus Performance

Page: 114-121 Authors: Muh. Yusuf Q., Muhammad Aqsa, Charlie Charlie
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Read Statistic: 17

The Influence of Discipline and Motivation on Employee Performance at PT. Mahakam Branch Serang Banten

Page: 122-129 Authors: Rachmat Maulana
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Read Statistic: 18

The Effect of Competence and Training on the Effectiveness of Teacher Training Vocational School at Serang Region, Banten

Page: 130-137 Authors: Sri Mulyati
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Read Statistic: 8

The Influence of Motivation and Work Environment on Employee Performance at the Environmental Service Office of Serang City, Banten

Page: 138-146 Authors: Dedi Daryanto
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Read Statistic: 12

The Effect of Compensation and Service Period on Employee Performance at PT. Infomedia Nusantara Branch Bandung

Page: 147-154 Authors: Kosasih Kosasih, Nurjaya Nurjaya, Denok Sunarsi
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Read Statistic: 15

The Principal's Role as Supervisor

How to Improving the Professionalism of Educators of Islamic Religious Education Subjects at SMA Negeri 1 Malili, Kab. Luwu Timur

Page: 155-169 Authors: Nurlinda Nurlinda
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Read Statistic: 5