Pengaruh Pengalaman Belanja Online Produk Fashion terhadap Kepuasan dan Niat Beli Ulang Pelanggan Zalora serta Berrybenka

  • Bob Foster Universitas Informatika dan Bisnis Indonesia(UNIBI)
Keywords: shopping experience, satisfaction, intention to repurchase


Internet is not only used to communicate, but also as electronic commerce media or better known as ecommerce

(electronic commerce). In e-commerce, the most purchased goods online are fashion products.
Therefore, researchers want to know whether the online shopping experience affects customer satisfaction as
well as intention to repurchase. Data collection techniques in this study using questionnaires and other literary
sources of other books. After doing the data processing was the result of questionnaire data declared valid and
reliable. Furthermore, to know the influence of each variable performed data processing using AMOS 24 by
forming SEM model and Path Analysis. From test result of Fit Structural Model Model known all indicator can
be stated fit. And then from the Regression Weight Structural Model test results obtained that the online
shopping experience affects customer satisfaction, then the online shopping experience affects the intention to
repurchase, and satisfaction affects the intention to repurchase.