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Kompartemen: Kumpulan Orientasi Pasar Konsumen, is a scientific journal published by the Management Science Doctoral Program, Pasundan University, Bandung, Indonesia. with e-ISSN 2988-0793. Kompartemen: Kumpulan Orientasi Pasar Konsumen contains scientific journals in the field of management studies that are open to access with the intention that the results of scientific publications. Can be widely reached and can be beneficial for scientific developments in the field of management science.

Kompartemen: Kumpulan Orientasi Pasar Konsumen Published twice a year and in 2023 transformed publishing scientific articles into English

Vol 2 No 1 (2024): Kompartemen: Kumpulan Orientasi Pasar Konsumen

Published: Apr 5, 2024

The Link of Social Media and Brand Image On Consumer Purchase Intention the Mediating Role E-Wom

Page: 1-6 Authors: Wayan Ardani
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Read Statistic: 75

Human Resource Development Strategy in an Effort to Increase Employee Performance at PT. Pas Global Teknologi

Page: 7-14 Authors: Fauziah Nur, Bambang Sutarto
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Read Statistic: 25

Economic Analysis Of Super Philip Variety Red Onion Farming In Kediri District, West Lombok Regency

Page: 15-20 Authors: Hartini Wati, Khairil Anwar, Nurlailah Mappanganro
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Read Statistic: 31

Efficiency Of Variety Oven Tobacco Farming 88 In Jerowaru District, East Lombok District

Page: 21-30 Authors: Anggitia Warni, Muhsin Muhsin, Nirmawati Nirmawati
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Read Statistic: 32

Developing Behavior-Based Assessment Scales To Promote Fairness In Performance Assessment

Page: 31-36 Authors: Wa Ode Nursaadha Rajuddin, Eliza Eliza, Anne Nurdiana
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Read Statistic: 43
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