Fin Synergy: Jurnal Manajemen Keuangan publishes scientific articles that cover various topics in financial management, such as asset and investment management, financial analysis, risk management, corporate financial policies, international finance, banking management, and related topics.

  1. Asset and Investment Management: Articles discussing investment portfolio management strategies, investment performance evaluation, investment risk analysis, and asset management tools.

  2. Financial Analysis: Articles reviewing techniques and methods of financial analysis, including financial ratio analysis, investment feasibility analysis, cash flow analysis, and company valuation.

  3. Risk Management: Articles addressing risk management strategies, financial risk measurement, risk control, and corporate risk management.

  4. Corporate Financial Policies: Articles exploring corporate financial decision-making, capital structure, dividend policies, liquidity management, and short-term and long-term financial management.

  5. International Finance: Articles examining financial aspects in a global context, including currency risk management, export-import risk management strategies, international finance, and foreign exchange markets.

  6. Banking Management: Articles focusing on banking risk management, banking finance, innovation in banking services, banking strategies, and banking regulations.

In addition to these topics, Fin Synergy also encompasses other relevant subjects in the field of financial management. The journal is committed to publishing high-quality articles that contribute to the understanding and development of financial management.